Jigsaw Education Solutions Real education for the real world

Welcome to Jigsaw Education Solutions. At Jigsaw we believe in providing education and training that prepares our students for the real world and its challenges. Backed by strong knowledge resources, talented faculty and innovative methodology, we aim to create a new generation of high-competence professionals for the Indian industry.

This is reflected in our equal focus on the grooming and personal development of the student. Our emphasis on the language and communication skills, cross-cultural sensitivity, customer service orientation, and behavioural attributes such as personal maturity, ethics, passion, commitment and integrity all go on to create professionals with strong industry orientation.

This can only happen through an education and teaching system that is more application-oriented.  Currently in most institutions across the country, there is a wide gap between theoretical inputs and practical reality.  Thus most children and students of professional courses end up investing both time and money while remaining completely oblivious to the realities of the outside world.

Be it Jigsaw Abacus or JCA, we try and unlock the real potential of the mind and facilitate in taking it to its maximum potential of understanding, delivering and creating. Despite the poor standards of education in the country, it is our firm belief that students in India are every bit as good, or even better, than students anywhere in the world in terms of their knowledge, functional skills, logical and analytical thinking, strategic perspective and vision. What they lack is the ability to think and act innovatively within the space provided.

his can only happen once education takes of on the role of a tool or a bridge rather than the end of it all. At any of our academy we try and nurture such lines of thinking, where the student is encouraged to go out of their exercise books and experiment with whatever they have. The nature of the goal is problem solving using multi-disciplinary skills and a clear understanding of the solutions. To experience it for yourself, come with your children to Jigsaw Education Solutions, we will change the way you see the world.



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