Dear Friends,
It is a great pleasure for me to be addressing you at a time when our country is standing at the threshold of very deep lasting and structural changes in practically every sphere. Needless to say, education is one of them. As we all can probably gauge by now, circumstances in the world economy no longer are at a distance from our lives. In fact, today this country is in a position to be able to impact the very happenings in the world and the world economy specifically like never before. This was unthinkable even a few years ago. Over the years, we have acquired the unique reputation of being the knowledge and talent destination for diverse businesses, verticals, geographies and industries.
As countries like India race to embrace the next phase of growth and become more globally competitive, it is education that will provide the advantage. Every country today is vying for a place in the global economy and only talent and knowledge resources can give them the edge they need. According to a popular Market Trends Research all services and technology investments in India are expected to double by 2009, which in turn implies that the need for a skilled workforce will shoot up at an exponential rate.
Given India 's 1.1 billion population it maybe difficult to fathom how we can ever have a talent crisis. However with high poverty levels and half of the population under-literate, a severe talent crunch of a national scale is indeed on the horizon. What we have today is a growing skills gap reflecting the slim availability of quality education in India and the galloping pace of the country's service-driven economy, which is growing faster than most countries in the world.
As businesses propose to double and treble their workforces and Indian companies strive to maintain their position in the global marketplace, it has become imperative to prepare and plan for a world-class, competent, talented and innovative workforce. It was this understanding of the situation that prompted us to create an institution of holistic learning. An institute that would integrate the entire learning experience from developmental children's education to specialized professional training. This was based on our understanding that it is becoming more and more crucial to create a robust and continuous pipeline of talent that will fuel the growth engines of this country.
And that begins with the child. A child mind is has enormous untapped potential. It has the unique ability to understand and assimilate knowledge is ways that can leave an adult mind baffled. Every child has the potential to touch great heights of perfection and achievement if given the right guidance at the right time using the right methodology.
This was what made a motivated team of young educated professional come under the common dream called Jigsaw Education Solutions. Leading to the opening of Jigsaw Abacus, JCA and Sabre Edge. It is our endeavour to someday take this movement to the farthest corners of the nation. Using the latest in education techniques, technology and talented faculty we aim to bring world-class teaching and training available for your children and the future of this country. It is our belief that with the right quality of education and the right avenues being opened up for your child, someday more motivated people will join us in taking this venture to its national scale and impact. We hope you will join us in this movement that should change the way you have seen education so and the promises it has ever made to you.

Thanking you,
Vanshika Raheja
Managing Director
Jigsaw Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



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